NUSeq Core Services

NUSeq Core offers a variety of services to meet our users' research needs. Current offerings include:

Microarray Processing

NUSeq works with two of the most widely adopted microarray platforms, the Affymetrix GeneChip and the Illumina BeadArray.
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Next-Generation Sequencing

NUSeq offers a fleet of first-class sequencers that spans all major Illumina sequencing technologies, from MiSeq to HiSeq 4000.
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Standard or custom NGS and microarray data analysis is provided as integrated with data production services, or standalone.
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NanoString Target Gene Profiling

The NanoString nCounter platform achieves a digital read-out of up to 800 gene targets for pathway level interrogation.

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DNA Extraction

The core offers automated DNA extraction from whole blood, buccal swab and saliva samples.

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DNA/RNA Sample Quality Control

The core provides rapid, direct quality control analysis of DNA and RNA samples.

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Cell Line Authentication

Cell lines are authenticated, or tracked during cell passaging, using the STR profiling method.

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Digital Droplet PCR and qPCR (Equipment Use)

Bio-Rad QX200 ddPCR and Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 7 Flex qPCR systems are provided for walk-in use.

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The core is able to offer additional services based on users' specific requirements. Contact us to discuss custom projects

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