NUgene Project

Your genes, everyone's future.

The NUgene Project is a genomic biobank sponsored by the Center for Genetic Medicine at Northwestern University in partnership with Northwestern Medicine. NUgene collects and stores DNA samples and associated health information from patients at Northwestern Medicine–affiliated hospitals and clinics to be used by scientists to examine the role genes play in the development and treatment of common diseases. The health information collected is both self-reported and periodically obtained from the participant's electronic medical record at Northwestern. The NUgene Project is Institutional Review Board–approved and compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. NUgene is committed to protecting the privacy of individual participants and the confidentiality of their data.


Who Is in NUgene?

With over 14,000 samples and corresponding electronic medical record data on Northwestern patients, the NUgene Project can provide both case and control samples and data for research uses.

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