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Academic programs, special events and enrichment opportunities for students and faculty.

Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling

Our accredited master’s degree program offers a strong foundation in core genetic counseling skills, identifying each student’s strengths in order to ignite their passion and lifelong commitment to learning.

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Academic Opportunities

Mouse Genetics Group

This forum allows scientists to share ideas, experimental approaches and resources and connect with the broader transgenic research community.

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Travel Fellowships

We help PhD students and postdoctoral fellows present their genetics-related research nationally and internationally.

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RNA-Seq Data Analysis

Our hands-on bioinformatics seminar was designed to introduce the principles and experimental design of RNA-seq.

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Lecture Series

Richard A. Scott, MD, Lecture Series

In this annual series, renowned scientists visit campus to share recent developments in genetics research.

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Silverstein Lecture Series

This twice-yearly series was designed to share advances in genetics research and medicine with the general public.

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