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Transgenic and Targeted Mutagenesis Laboratory

The Northwestern University Transgenic and Targeted Mutagenesis Laboratory (TTML) is a shared resource designed to produce genetically engineered mice for research projects of investigators on the Evanston campus, in the Feinberg School of Medicine, the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute.

Our laboratory provides a broad, comprehensive range of services to NU investigators, including generation of transgenic mice, gene targeting of embryonic stem (ES) cells, ES cell microinjection into blastocysts to create germline competent chimera, cryopreservation and long-term storage of mouse sperm/embryos, recovery of mouse lines from cryopreserved germplasm, in vitro fertilization (for mouse line rescue), and rederivation of pathogen free mouse strains.


Our Track Record / What's New

Since 2008, the laboratory has completed fifty gene targeting projects with a success rate of 98%.

Find out more about our track record and what's new at TTML.

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