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How Can the NUgene Project Help Your Research?

With over 14,000 samples and data on Northwestern patients available to use in research, the NUgene Project can provide you with:

  • Case and/or control DNA samples from the NUgene population for your research
  • Data, from both the electronic health record and a self-reported health history questionnaire, with or without accompanying DNA sample
  • Genomic data on 6,000 participants
  • Whole genome data on 1,200 participants
  • Assistance with recruiting your patients for inclusion in the NUgene Project
  • Templated language about using NUgene samples to assist with IRB approval and/or grant submissions
  • Access to NUgene participants for study-related questions or participation in other studies
  • Support for managing and storing your biorepository’s DNA samples

The NUgene Project has collaborated with investigators both within Northwestern Medicine and with other research institutions across the country in genomic research projects.

Accessing NUgene Project samples requires approvals from the NUgene Sample Advisory Committee. Use of de-identified NUgene samples for research may not require review by Northwestern University’s IRB. It is strongly recommended to speak with the director of the NUgene Project, Maureen Smith, prior to an IRB submission to help incorporate the appropriate NUgene information into your proposal.

Please contact Maureen Smith at (312) 503-6211 or for more information about using NUgene samples, data and/or pricing.

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