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Access NUSeq Services

All NUSeq services can be requested through the Northwestern University core lab service request and transaction processing system, NUcore. All core users, internal or external, need to have a NUcore account prior to ordering any service. Account setup is a quick and easy process for new users (see details below). If you already have a NUcore account, click here to log in. Before initiating a project, it is advisable to consult with NUSeq on your specific project needs and request a quote on the associated cost.

 Account Setup (NU Users)

 Account Setup (Non-NU Users)

 How to Request Services via NUcore

Below is a quick summary of the service request process:

  1. Log in to NUcore
  2. Find NUSeq among the facilities (listed in alphabetic order)
  3. Select the service(s) you would like to request
  4. Add to cart
  5. Choose Payment Source and Continue
  6. Enter your quantity and click Update
  7. Download, fill out, and upload requisite order form(s)
  8. If your order is complete, click Purchase, otherwise click on the Home tab on the top left-hand side of the page and repeat steps 2 through 8 above

 Dropping Off and Mailing Samples

Sample Drop-Off for All Services

Northwestern University User (Chicago)
You can bring your samples to the Core directly. Fresh samples for DNA extraction brought directly to the Core should be stored in the DNA Extraction room refrigerator. Next-gen sequencing, microarray, or QC samples should be given directly to a technician at the Core.

NUSeq Core Facility
300 E Superior St.
Tarry 2-770
Chicago, IL, 60611 

Northwestern University User (Evanston)
You can drop your samples off at the following location. The courier picks up the samples every morning from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and we receive them in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Please let NUSeq staff know when the courier service is used, in the event the courier is canceled due to weather/illness/holiday or the pickup time is missed.

Drop off location: 

Hogan Building 
2205 Tech Drive
Hogan 2-108, BMBCB admin office 

Send to:

NUSeq Core Facility
300 E Superior St.
Tarry 2-770
Chicago, IL, 60611  

External User

Please send your samples through an independent carrier such as FedEx or UPS. Prior to shipping, please contact the Core to schedule delivery. At the time of shipping, please send an email notification with your express mail tracking number. This will allow us to watch for your shipment. We prefer that samples are sent overnight on Monday through Wednesday to guarantee delivery and acceptance. We will notify you when your shipment is received.

Northwestern University
NUSeq Core Facility
745 N Fairbanks Ct.
Tarry 2-770
Chicago, IL 60611

 Billing Process (for PI and Business Admin)

NUSeq conducts billing on a monthly basis. Account owners and business administrators should expect to receive billing notification (internal customers) or invoice (external customers) usually within the same month of work completion, or toward the first week of the following month at the latest.

When a work request is completed and ready to be billed, the core will send out a billing review notification through NUcore. The notification is delivered to the owner and business administrator of the payment source used on the order. This allows the account owner to review charges before they are processed by the Northwestern University financial system. If there is a problem with the order, the account owner or business administrator can dispute the order. If no dispute no further action is needed.

After the billing review period is completed, for an internal user no further user involvement is needed and the core will process the charge in the Northwestern University financial system. For an external user, after the review period is closed, the core will send a statement email to the owner and business administrator of the PO or credit card used for the order. The email contains a direct link to the PDF statement (invoice). If a PO was used to place the order, check should be made out to "Northwestern University" and mailed to the address listed below:

Northwestern University
NUSeq Core Facility
300 E. Superior St.
Tarry 2-770
Chicago, IL 60611

If a credit card was used to place the order, payment using Visa, MasterCard and Discover (but not American Express) can be made via clicking the link "Pay by Credit Card" embedded in both the body of the statement email and the attached PDF invoice. The link is available regardless of whether the user was setup to pay with a PO or credit card. After clicking on the link, the external user will need to enter the credit card number, expiration date, and then submit the transaction. NUSeq is not allowed to accept or process credit card information on behalf of an external user. Please note that making payment using a credit card will incur a surcharge in the amount of 3.5 percent added to the sales amount invoiced by the core. This fee is a fixed percentage for all dollar amounts and all card types.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Whom should I contact for billing related questions?

Please email or call 312-503-3680.

 Who receive billing review notifications and/or invoices from the core?

These are emailed to the account owner (usually the Principal Investigator) and business administrator.

 How can I get a copy of the invoice?

Invoices are sent out shortly after the completion of the work. If you'd like another copy, please email or call 312-503-3680.

 Why doesn’t the link work in the billing review notification or statement email that is forwarded to me?

The link embedded in the billing review notification email will only work for Owners and Business Administrators of the payment source referenced in the email. If you need administrative access to a payment source, contact the Core for assistance.

 How long is the billing review period?

By default, the billing review period is seven calendar days from the moment the review email is sent. However, under certain circumstances (e.g., when nearing the end of a grant or billing period), the core may push orders through the review period sooner in order to finish billing on time.

 Can I see my order history?

Yes. You can log in to NUcore and select My Orders (or My Reservations) on the top menu to see your order history. Here you will see two tabs, with the Pending tab showing New or In Process orders, and the All tab showing all completed or billed orders.

 What can be used as payment sources?

NUSeq accepts three types of payment sources. Internal users usually provide their chart strings (fund accounts) as payment source. Once entered into NUcore, chart strings are automatically validated with the Northwestern University financial system (e.g. expiration date, open account codes). Once validated, they will remain active in NUcore until it is no longer valid. External users provide either purchase orders (POs) or credit cards as payment source. Once POs are entered they will remain active in NUcore until all funds are billed. Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, but not American Express) can be used securely online to make payments. Using credit cards does incur a 3.5 percent surcharge for all orders regardless of total dollar amounts.

 What are the different user roles (owners, purchasers and business administrators)?

In NUcore, each user must be assigned to a valid payment source as an owner, purchaser or business administrator. Each payment source has an owner and may also have purchasers and/or business administrators.

  • Owners: Receive billing notifications for their payment sources and have the ability to add and remove purchasers.
  • Purchasers: May use a payment source and will receive receipts for their individual purchases, but do not otherwise have any control over the payment source.
  • Business administrators: Receive billing notifications at the same time as owners and have the ability to review charges.

 How should I request a quote prior to initiating a project?

NUSeq suggests users to request a quote before initiating a project with NUSeq by contacting us via email ( or phone (312-503-3680).

 What is the Core's sample retention policy?

Samples are retained for 30 days after project completion. If users do not pick up samples within this time frame, the Core assumes the samples are no longer needed and will be discarded to release freezer space.

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