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Publications and Collaborations

eMERGE Publications from Northwestern Investigators


1. African American Type 2 Diabetes Genetics Consortium (MEDIA): Don Bowden (Wake Forest) leads a collaborative group of ~12 sites including Northwestern and Vanderbilt. This consortium conducted a meta-analysis of genomic determinants of Type 2 Diabetes in African Americans. Paper is submitted to Nature Genetics, with multiple eMERGE investigators and the eMERGE consortium represented as authors.

2. GIANT Consortium: Meta-analysis of height from >100,000 subjects across multiple studies.  Awaiting draft of manuscript from consortium lead analysts.

3. Height in African Americans (w/ Cincinnati Children’s Hospital)

4. COGENT (Continental Origins of Genetic Traits): New meta-analysis consortium focused on African-American and Latino populations; NU participates in trait-specific working group (for height & RBC phenotypes)

5. GIANT Consortium: meta-analysis of height from >100,000 subjects across multiple studies. 

6. Vitamin D Related Innate Immunity in Influenza (with VU)

7. PAGE (Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology)

8. CTSAwith Mayo (neutropenia and thrombocytopenia)

9. CAGE (QRS in African Americans with VU)

10. eMERGE Urological GWAS: RO1 application with University of Washington

11. UCSF:  Genomewide Association Studies of HbA1c and Body Weight Change
in Patients on Metformin for Type 2 Diabetes

12. HAPO-GENEVA: meta-analysis of eMERGE African Ancestry with Afro-Caribs (for height phenotype)

13. Vitamin D related Innate Immunity in Influenza (with VU)

14. AAA Genotyping: collaboration with Geisinger

15. De-ID Project (Anonymization of clinical codes in support of genome-phenome association studies)

16. AAGILE/MEDIA:  Fasting Glucose meta-analysis

17. Electronic Consent Project: collaboration with the University of Iowa