Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Genetic Medicine

Clinical Rotations

Clinical experience is integral to overall graduate training in genetic counseling. Genetic Medicine graduate students become involved with the clinical practice early in their training so that they gain as much experience as possible during the program. We pride ourselves on the breadth and diversity of our clinical rotation sites, both in terms of clinical specialty and patient population. For those who wish to develop fluency in medical Spanish, emphasis can be placed on clinical rotations where Spanish is the predominant language.

Over the summer, students have the opportunity to complete full-time rotations in or outside of Chicago, and several students have even had summer internships abroad.

The first quarter of the program focuses on preparing students for rotations through classes, participation in patient review and journal club, role-playing, and observation of genetic counseling sessions. Beginning in the second quarter, students rotate through six five-week rotations at hospitals and clinics in the Chicagoland area. All students will have one to two rotations in each of the following areas:

In addition to the rotations above, each student will have the opportunity to participate in one or more specialty genetics clinics:

Rotation Sites

Local clinical rotation sites include: