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Whole Genome Sequencing

Sequencing of an entire genome, select region(s) of a genome, metagenomic DNA collected from a microbial community, or PCR amplicons, is an essential component of life science and biomedical research. Identification of various kinds of sequence variations, including single nucleotide variation (SNV), insertion and deletion (indel), copy number variation (CNV) and rearrangement, and detection of their association with a disease or phenotype, are frequent research targets in precision medicine, pharmacogenomics, and other branches of life science research.

For DNA sequencing, NUSeq offers different options, including TruSeq Nano, TruSeq PCR-Free, and Nextera XT. TruSeq Nano is ideal for whole large genome sequencing, achieving good genomic coverage and uniformity when the amount of available DNA is limited. The TruSeq PCR-Free option enables improved coverage and the ability to sequence through more challenging genomic regions with the removal of PCR steps, when the amount of DNA is not the limiting factor. For small genomes, amplicons, and plasmids, Nextera XT is the method of choice. For amplicon sequencing, the minimal length of the inputs is 300 bp.

DNA-seq Library Prep Pricing

Library prep costs are listed on the Core Pricing page.

Whole Genome Sequencing