Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Genetic Medicine

NUgene Project Services and Rates

All prices are subject to change. For external users, consultations or a quote on a large project, please contact us via email or at 312-503-6200.

FY 19 Pricing by Service

DNA Samples

NUgene staff will work with you to identify cases and/or controls subjects that fit your criteria. De-identified data using simple queries from the EHR along with demographic data from the NUgene questionnaire. Data is customized for your study needs.

ServiceNUExternal AcademicExternal CommercialUnit
1-5 ug DNA from Consented Biobank Participants, Plus Data$40.00$44.00$60.00Sample
Extra DNA (no data), 1-5 ug$25.00$35.00$50.00Sample

Complex EHR Queries

De-identified data on cases and/or controls consisting of extensive queries of EMR data (creating complex phenotype algorithms, de-identification of chart notes for review, extracting data from chart notes, integration with multiple databases with clinical data, and other extensive queries) and self-reported information (demographics, lifestyle, environmental exposure, medication, and self and family history of disease).

ServiceNUExternal AcademicExternal CommercialUnit
Complex EHR Queries$85.00$90.00$110.00Hour

Whole Genome Sequence Data

De-identified WGS data available through the Quest computing cluster on 1200 NUgene participants. Basic demographic data available. Additional health data available.

ServiceNUExternal AcademicExternal CommercialUnit
WGS DataNo chargeN/AN/A

Genomic Analysis

Analysis of already genotyped participant data for individual investigator research questions. Approximately 6000 participants have been genotyped on a variety of platforms. Contact Project Director for more information.

ServiceNUExternal AcademicExternal CommercialUnit
Genomic Data Analysis$80.00$90.00$100.00Hour

Sample Storage

Storage and tracking of samples in -20 robotic freezer system.

ServiceNUExternal AcademicExternal CommercialUnit
Sample Storage$0.75$1.50$2.00Sample

Participant Recontact

NUgene staff contacts consented participants who fit eligibility criteria to introduce a secondary study or request additional biological samples or data on behalf of an investigator.

ServiceNUExternal AcademicExternal CommercialUnit
Contacting Participants$80.00$90.00$100.00Hour

Sample Preparation

Hourly charge for pulling selected samples from source storage, aliquotting samples as needed, preparing samples for safe shipping including dry ice as needed, and providing necessary packaging materials.

ServiceNUExternal AcademicExternal CommercialUnit
Sample Preparation$50.00$60.00$80.00Hour