Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Genetic Medicine

NUSeq/Illumina Pilot Program

To support the next round of NIH grant proposals, Illumina will provide a limited quantity of sequencing or genotyping reagents at no cost to the Northwestern University NUSeq Core Facility. NUSeq, in turn, will offer pilot awards that include free reagents and reduced user fees to help NU investigators generate preliminary data.

This pilot program encourages projects to take advantage of the recently installed Illumina HiSeq 4000 and MiSeq sequencers. For proposals using the HiSeq 4000, we expect to offer up to one lane's worth of data (300-400 million reads). Depending on the scope of the NIH proposal, use of more than one lane may also be supported.

To apply for this pilot program, please submit a 500 word abstract along with an NIH-style biosketch for the Principal Investigator to Ashley Limon. The deadline for abstract submission is 11/27/17. The abstract should indicate how the sequencing will facilitate your NIH grant application. Please include the title and type (e.g. R01) of the grant application and the type of award (New, Competing Renewal, or Resubmission). Please also include the planned date for submission of your full grant proposal to the NIH.  

Feedback and award notices will be provided by 12/15/17. Along with the award notice, NUSeq will send a quote for the reduced user fees associated with each project and the estimated date of results delivery, based on the amount of staff work needed for each project. NUSeq will make every effort to deliver results in a timely fashion to facilitate full grant proposal submission, but please be aware that this is not guaranteed.